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Request for Proposals – Professional Planning Consultant Services

Proposals are sought and invited by the City of Poughkeepsie Building Department for professional planning and consulting services. The intent of the Request For Proposal (RFP) is to communicate the City’s requirements and to provide potential vendors with sufficient information to enable them to prepare responses to meet the needs of the City.

Proposals will be received by the City Chamberlain until 4:00 p.m. on February 10, 2012. All proposals must be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Response to RFP for Professional Planning Consulting Services”.

Copies of the RFP may be obtained from the office of the City Chamberlain or online at No proposal will be accepted unless all portions are submitted for in accordance with the RFP including a Non-Collusive Affidavit.

The City of Poughkeepsie expressly reserves the right to waive any irregularities in a particular proposal, or to accept any proposal or to reject any and all proposals, or to award on any or all items, as the interest of the City of Poughkeepsie may require.

No proposer may withdraw his/her/its proposal within one hundred eighty (180) days after the actual deadline for the RFP submission.

This RFP is by order of John C. Tkazyik, Mayor and Gary E. Beck, Jr., Building Inspector.