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Boil Water Notification Fact Sheet

  • It is requested that all residents and businesses comply with the Boil Water Notice until it has been lifted.
  • Although the bacteria were found in a water sample collected Monday, the bacteria tests require a two day incubation period before test results are available. The City received the report that it had tested positive on Wednesday. According to the New York State Sanitary Code, a second round of confirmation tests is required when a first test comes back positive. Those secondary samples were collected Wednesday and the results came back positive on Friday. The Boil Water Notification was commenced immediately thereafter.
  • The City is presently flushing mains to turn over water mains and introduce fresh water into the system. In addition, additional water quality testing is being done in accordance with the State Sanitary Code procedures. These activities will continue until verification is made that all samples are free from bacteria.
  • Once satisfactory test results are obtained, the City will report to the Dutchess County Board of Health and recommend lifting of the Boil Water Notice. When the City receives concurrence from the Board of Health, notification will be made to release the Boil Water Notice.

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