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City of Poughkeepsie Police Offer Online Reporting

After a year-long pilot program, the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department is pleased to announce that citizens can report certain non-violent crimes to the department via an online service, Coplogic. This service has been available via the City of Poughkeepsie website without any publicity as the department worked out logistics and software issues. Even without publicity, the police department last year took 192 reports online, saving an estimated 288 hours of police work; so far this year, the department has taken over 50 reports online, saving approximately 75 hours of police work. 

Citizens can submit reports for certain non-emergency, non-violent offenses that occur within the limits of the City of Poughkeepsie and in which there are no known suspects. The types of incidents citizens can report online are: Harassing phone calls, lost property, vandalism, identity theft, vehicle break in, and larceny. City residents can also use this online service to register bicycles and city business owners can use it to provide the police with emergency and after-hours contact information.

Once an online report is filed, it is reviewed by a civilian employee of the police department and, once approved, a free copy of the report is sent via email to the complainant. Should further investigation of the incident be required, the report will be forwarded to the appropriate division within the police department.

To file an online report, visit and follow the Online Citizen Reporting link on the right side of the home page, under Important Links. Business owners wishing to provide police with emergency contact information should follow the Business Contact Registration link, also under Important Links.

Online reporting is only for non-emergencies and past occurred incidents. Emergencies and crimes in progress should always be reported by calling 911.