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LED Project – Phase 1 Update

LED Project Update – October 2015

Beginning in October, phase 1 of the Street Lighting LED project construction will commence throughout the City of Poughkeepsie. During this phase, cobra head lights will be installed throughout the Route 9 and Main Street corridors, on city-owned metal poles. Decorative fixtures will continue to be showcased at locations listed below.

Locations of Cobra Head Demo Fixtures:

  • Examples from 5 different manufacturers are displayed on Main Street between Corlies Avenue and Cherry Street.
  • A sixth example is located on Civic Center Plaza/Market Street, on the east side of City Hall.

Locations of Decorative Lights:

  • Four Decorative lights are shown on Seamen Road.
  • One (1) 4000K “City Post” and one (1) 3000K “City Post” located on Platt Street near Whitehouse Avenue. These lights were built/shipped before the actual pilot lights arrive. These lights do not turn off. The lights will have a photocell installed that will tell them to turn off when dusk approaches.

In addition to the installed lighting above, eight (8) Decorative lights are being shipped during the month of October. Location updates will be posted as soon as they are available.

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