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City Sees Significant Financial Impact from Winter Storm Stella

City of Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison announced today that as a result of the major snow event beginning in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 14th, 2017, the City’s 6-day around the clock snow operations will cost an estimated $450,000.

This estimate includes the payroll cost of over 4,000 personnel hours between the Department of Public Works, the City Police Department and Fire Department. The total cost estimate also includes equipment and repairs, salt, fuel and contractual labor.

“Cost over-runs in our snow-removal budget must now be offset by savings in other budget lines. I have instructed our Commissioner of Finance to work with all Department Heads to identify areas where we may be able to tighten our belt through the remainder of the year. Our financial position has been improving, but managing through these types of events successfully is the best evidence that City government is serious about positive outcomes and improving quality-of-life issues in Poughkeepsie,” stated Mayor Rolison.

Our City crews worked around the clock for six (6) days until Sunday March 19 keeping snow emergency routes open, clearing streets and intersections city-wide and removing large snow banks from areas throughout the City, with special attention to school crossing intersections.

The City made a request to Governor Andrew Cuomo for assistance and as a result, the Governor committed NYSDOT personnel, equipment, and additional assistance from the NY Army National Guard, which provided traffic control and safety for NYDOT crews. The State worked continuously in 12 hour shifts from Wednesday at noon to Friday afternoon.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro offered the City assistance in and around the County Campus and other areas of the City. By Thursday afternoon, County operations utilizing County DPW personnel and equipment where underway in the City and they worked continuously until Sunday at 4 PM.

In addition, the City contracted with three (3) private companies to assist with snow removal.

“While this event placed a significant burden on us all, I see this as an example of government working at its best, of public-sector employees from three levels of government stepping up to get it done, and of what can be accomplished when we work together with coordination and efficiency,” stated Mayor Rob Rolison.

“I’d like to thank the dedicated City of Poughkeepsie employees along with Governor Andrew Cuomo and State personnel and Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro and County personnel for their tireless efforts in getting our City back up and running as soon as possible. Thank you.”