City Of Poughkeepsie » Press Release » Common Council Adopts Mayor Rolison’s 2018 Recommended Budget

Common Council Adopts Mayor Rolison’s 2018 Recommended Budget

Mayor Rob Rolison announced today that the City of Poughkeepsie’s Common Council has voted to approve his 2018 recommended budget. “It took a lot of work to get us to this point, and we have seen significant improvement in the City’s financial condition. This budget continues our multi-year plan to stabilize our finances while addressing the vital quality-of-life issues that are so important to our City”, the Mayor said.

The new fiscal plan invests in the City’s Department of Public Works – long the target of budget cuts over the years – increases funding for youth programs, and restores several key positions which had been previously eliminated, such as code-enforcement officer, Recreation Director, and Senior City Planner. “We will continue our work to reduce the deficit and improve efficiencies throughout government, but we can no longer leave these critical positions vacant and expect others to invest in our city”, the Mayor said.

Councilmembers Cherry (D – 6th Ward), Klein (R – 4th Ward), McNamara (D – 8th  Ward), Lorraine Johnson (D – 3rd Ward), and Mike Young (D – 2nd  Ward) voted in favor of the budget, which stays under the N.Y.S. tax cap and lowers sewer rates by 10%. Councilman Chris Petsas (D – 1st Ward) and Randall Johnson (D – 7th Ward), voted against.

“I thank Chairwoman Cherry for crafting an improved council review process this year. It has also been a pleasure working with outgoing councilmembers Klein and Young, both of whom served on our Finance Committee for the last two years”, Mayor Rolison said.

The budget takes effect on January 1st. The new Council is seated and holds its first meeting on January 2nd.