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Street Sweeper Schedule

Seasonal Information:  Standard departmental policy for street sweeping is to begin sweeper routes in April and end in late October.

This activity is very important to remove debris from the gutter line and to keep debris from blocking drainage structures. Street sweeping also promotes a more aesthetic condition within the city.

The existing sweeper route map is based on carrying out one complete sweeping activity at least one time per month per zone.  There are presently 7 zones in the city.  On the basis that removal of parked vehicles enhances sweeping efficiency the zones were created to coincide with established parking regulations.  In general, multiple weeks are identified in the month to account for inclement weather, etc.

For those streets without alternate side parking regulations, it is requested that parked vehicles be moved prior to the dates above so that streets can be swept in a complete manner.

Zone 1: Northside City line westerly to Smith Street, southerly to Church St (EB Arterial) Either the 1st or 3rd Thursday or Friday of month.

Zone 2: Northside: City line westerly to Mill Street (WB Arterial) from North Clinton Street southerly to Washington Street.  Either the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of month

Zone 3: Northside: City Line westerly to Mill Street (WB Arterial), from Washington Street southerly to North Water Street including Dutchess Ave.  Either the 1st or 3rd Monday or Tuesday of month

Zone 4: Eastbound and Westbound Arterials, Southside: Pembroke Drive southerly to Thornwood Drive, Hooker Avenue southerly to City line.   Zone scheduled for the last week of the month including arterials.

Zone 5: Southside: Church Street southerly to Hooker Avenue, City line westerly to So. Hamilton Street.  Either the 2nd or 4th Monday or Tuesday of month.

Zone 6: Southside: South Hamilton Street southerly to Rinaldi Boulevard,  Church Street westerly to south city line. Either the 2nd or 4th Thursday or Friday of month

Zone 7:  Southside: Hooker Avenue southerly to Alden Road,  Cedar Avenue westerly to Gus Siko Road.  Either the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of month

Questions regarding sweeping or requests for additional street visits may be arranged by calling DPW Dispatch at 845-451-4111.