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Parking Ticket Amnesty Program – Ends October 31, 2014

The City of Poughkeepsie has approved the Parking Ticket Amnesty Program to be held from September 2, 2014 until October 31, 2014.  During this period, all penalties shall be waived with the payment of the original fine.  Please call the Tax Department at (845) 451-4030 to inquire about any unpaid parking tickets.

CPPD Help Launch “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” Campaign

School's-Open_8.5x11-posterSergeant Todd King and Patrolman George McSpedon of the Poughkeepsie Police Department, along with local school children, helped AAA New York to launch its 69th annual “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” campaign at Poughkeepsie Police Headquarters.
Colorful “School’s Open” posters will be mounted in Poughkeepsie to warn motorists to be extra careful as thousands of local youngsters return to school.

“The help that we get from our club-area police departments adds to the effectiveness of our ‘School’s Open’ campaign,” said Donna Galasso, Assistant Director of the club’s Traffic Safety unit. “We appreciate the efforts of Sergeant King, Patrolman McSpedon and the Poughkeepsie Police Department, which will result in increased safety for all students,” said Galasso.

 Sergeant Todd King (right) and Patrolman George McSpedon helped to launch AAA’s “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” campaign at the Public Safety Building in Poughkeepsie, NY. The Young family, (left to right) Tristan, Connor, Shane, Caylee and Cole participated in the ceremony. Christopher McBride Traffic Safety Specialist (back center) represented AAA.

Sergeant Todd King (right) and Patrolman George McSpedon helped to launch AAA’s “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” campaign at the Public Safety Building in Poughkeepsie, NY. The Young family, (left to right) Tristan, Connor, Shane, Caylee and Cole participated in the ceremony. Christopher McBride Traffic Safety Specialist (back center) represented AAA.

Ms. Galasso reminds drivers, including bicyclists, to be especially cautious in school areas, keeping their speed at or below posted limits and being prepared to stop, on both sides of the street, for school buses with flashing red lights, as required by New York State law.
The club’s annual “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” campaign is conducted with local government and police agencies. Thousands of posters, bumper stickers and other educational materials are distributed through the program.

AAA New York State’s “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” program began in 1945. Since then, it has helped to prevent injuries and deaths among children of elementary school age.
AAA New York, the local AAA affiliate, provides automotive, travel and financial services to more than 1.6 million members in New York City, and in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego, Schoharie, Herkimer and parts of Lewis, Madison and Oneida counties.

Photo Caption: Sergeant Todd King (right) and Patrolman George McSpedon helped to launch AAA’s “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” campaign at the Public Safety Building in Poughkeepsie, NY. The Young family, (left to right) Tristan, Connor, Shane, Caylee and Cole participated in the ceremony. Christopher McBride Traffic Safety Specialist (back center) represented AAA.

Public Notice: Federal Transportation Program Application

The City of Poughkeepsie is requesting Capital and Operating Federal Funds in the amount of $1,581,000 under Section 5307 and the Surface Transportation Program of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991. Funding in the amount of $1,581,000 is to be used as reimbursement of Preventive Maintenance, from January 1, through December 31, 2015. These funds will also be used as reimbursement of Operating funds for January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015 expenses. Additionally, these funds will be used for the purchase of two Hybrid Electric buses to replace two diesel fuel buses once they have passed their useful life.

Project Description         Federal       Local/State       Total
Operating Assistance             $ 340,000    $340,000      $ 680,000
Preventive Maintenance       $ 169,000     $ 42,250        $ 211,250
Bus Replacement                    $1,072,000    $268,000    $1,340,000
Total                                       $1,581,000   $650,250   $2,231,250

A copy of the application is available for viewing during business hours, 8:30am–4:30pm, Monday-Friday at City Hall, 62 Civic Center Plaza, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Comments will be accepted at this address for thirty days, attn: Karen Sorrell. This program of projects becomes the final program of projects if not amended. Comments and or request for a public hearing must be received by 4:30pm, September 11, 2014. If requested a public hearing will be held.

City Pool Season Begins on Saturday, June 28

The City Pool season begins on Saturday, June 28 at Pulaski Park Pool and Spratt Park Pool. Swim lessons are available at each facility.

Pulaski Park Pool

162 Washington Street
Thomas Bell, Pool Manager

Hours of Operation – 2014
June 28 to August 24, 2014
Open Daily 1-7 pm

Day Passes

  • Adult (14 and over)  $3.00
  • Children (13 and over)  $1.00

Season Passes

  • Adult (14 and over)  $15.00
  • Children (13 and over)  $10.00
  • Family Plan*: $25.00
    • Family Plan is for immediate family members only

Picture ID is required for all pool passes. Please bring a photo with you when applying for a pass.

All children must pass swim test in order to swim in deep end.

Swim Lessons at Pulaski Pool

Free swim lessons are available in 3 sessions beginning Monday, July 7th to August 15th.

This program is designed to improve swimming skills, learn water safety, and learn to be comfortable in the water. Students will partake in numerous water safety and water skill lessons that will provide them with the knowledge of safe pool use. They will learn safe water entry and exit strategies as well as basic stroke skills and diving skills (for upper level swimmers). Students will be placed in classes according to skill level based on the overall discretion of their instructor.

In order to be accepted into the 2014 Pulaski Swim Lesson Program, this form must be completed and turned in prior to the first week of lessons. Applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis and late Application’s will not be accepted. Please understand these regulations as spaces are limited. This is to ensure child safety in student- instructor ratio. Thank you for your compliance! Lessons will be given in two week sessions and choice of session will be first come first serve

  Swim Lesson Program Application – Pulaski Pool (158.7 KiB, 362 hits)

Spratt Park Pool

Kim Bell, Pool Manager

Spratt Pool Open Swimming

Spratt Park is located on Wilbur Boulevard just north of Christo’s Restaurant and the McCann Golf Course.

The pool season is June 28 to August 24, 2014. Open Swim hours are 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM, Lap Swimming from Noon to 1 PM and from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

The town reserves the right to close the pool during inclement weather and for unsanitary conditions.

Season Pass for Spratt Park Pool

  • Family Season Pass $85.00
    • Includes Parents and all children under 18 residing in a household
  • Adult Season Pass $60.00
  • Child (Under 13) Season Pass $40.00

Sales of season passes will open June 1. Those season passes can be purchased on our website with a credit card. To help offset credit card processing fees, we need to charge a 3.0% fee for credit card transactions.

Daily Pass for Spratt Park Pool (For sale at the pool, cash only)

  • Child (Under 13) $1.00
  • Adult $4.00

Spratt Park Swim Lessons 2014

  • The City of Poughkeepsie, under the direction of Kayla Roberts will run swim lessons at Spratt Park Pool for the summer of 2014.  Lessons will begin on Monday, July 7th and run for seven one week sessions.  The cost of each session is $30 per week, per child.
  • Age groups will be 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15.
  • The swim instructors and swim director will have final say in all placements.  Swim placement will be according to age and swimming ability.
  • Each weekly session will be held Monday through Friday.  There will not be lessons on Saturday.
  • Lessons will be held rain or shine.  Lessons will not be held during thunder or lightning.
  • Sign up will be on a first come first served basis.
  • Lessons are open to city and non city residents.  Applications will be available at the pool and must be handed in by the Thursday prior to the week lessons are held.  

  Swim Lesson Program Application – Spratt Park Pool (159.7 KiB, 267 hits)

Info Sought in Hit and Run

On Monday, April 21, 2014 at or about 10:50 p.m., an 18-year-old male was dropped off from work in the area of Main and Cherry Streets (near Chester Chicken). He was crossing Main Street from the north to south side of Main Street, just east of Cherry. At this time, the suspect vehicle (an early-mid 2000’s, red/ maroon-colored commercial work van, believed to be a Ford, with a white-colored roof rack, and gold New York state license plates) is traveling in a westerly direction on Main Street, approaching the intersection with Cherry.

Picture of suspected vehicle

The suspect vehicle fails to slow up for the crossing pedestrian victim, which results in the suspect vehicle striking the victim. Impact is made between the right front passenger side of the van and the victim. As a result of the impact, the victim is struck, spun around, and then run over. The suspect vehicle fails to stop or return to the scene, leaving the victim lying in the roadway.

As a result of the incident, the victim is hospitalized with serious physical injuries. He has since been released, but is currently confined to a wheelchair and is undergoing continued post-release medical treatment and physical therapy.

Anyone with information on a possible suspect or the suspect vehicle is urged to contact Detective Garth Mason at (845) 451-4169 or the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department Confidential Tip Line at(845) 451-7577.

Water Meter Installation Program Deadline: May 2, 2014

The City of Poughkeepsie is in the process of completing a City-wide project to upgrade existing water meter and billing system.  The new Advanced Metering Infrastructure will require MOST of the meters in the City to be replaced, and ALL of the meters are to be fitted with a Meter Transceiver Unit (MTU).

For the Residents that responded promptly in scheduling and replacing the existing meters, the City appreciates and thanks you for your cooperation.

If your meter is not installed by In Line Services by May 2, 2014, you will be responsible to pay for the water meter upgrade.  

Pursuant to 6-157.1 of the City Code, failure to permit the replacement of your water meter will result in a 100% surcharge to your water rate until such time as the meter is replaced, plus the cost of replacing the meter.   

Depending on the size of the meter, the cost of the replacing the meter is  $650.00 – $3500.00 or more per unit.    In addition,  your account will be subject to the City’s surcharge until such time as the meter is upgraded.

The Building Department will not issue any permits for a property until the water meter has been replaced. In addition, when a title search is issued for a property transfer,   failure to replace the water meter will be an open item and the property will not be able to close until the meter has been replaced.

To schedule an appointment, please contact InLine Services:

  • Phone:   1-800-557-3088 (weekdays 8:00 – 5:00)
  • Online:    You will be required to enter the PIN number that appears on the postcard you received.

If you have already scheduled your appointment, it is important that you keep your appointment. Your cooperation in scheduling an appointment is of the utmost importance in completing this project in a timely manner.  The water meter upgrade is mandatory.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Poughkeepsie Water Billing Department at (845) 451- 4044.

Additional Information

Snow Emergency Lifted at 3pm on Friday; Bus Service Resumes Saturday

The Snow Emergency declared on January 2, 2014 will be lifted as of 3:00pm today, January 3, 2014. Residents and business owners are reminded to clear snow from sidewalks and around fire hydrants adjacent to their property. Please refrain from shoveling snow into roadways

Bus Service will resume tomorrow, Saturday, January 4th.

Garbage and recycling pickup will resume as scheduled on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Snow Emergency Declared, Begins January 2, 2014 at 3:00pm

A snow emergency will be declared today beginning at 3:00pm, Thursday, January 2, 2014.  Mayor John C. Tkazyik would like to take the opportunity to remind City residents and visitors about the regulations that are put into effect when a “Snow Emergency” is declared.

Bus Service Cancelled for Thursday, January 2nd

All City Bus Services are cancelled as of 2pm today, January 2nd, until further notice.

Sanitation & Recycling Pickup Cancelled for Friday, January 3rd

Sanitation and recycling pickup is cancelled for Friday, January 3rd. Pickup will occur on next scheduled day.

Snow Clearing – Sidewalks & Fire Hydrants

Residents and business owners must clear the sidewalk in front of their residences and businesses as required by the City ordinance.  There must be compliance of all parking regulations for your street, and snow must not be put into any roadway.  This is a violation of the City of Poughkeepsie Code of Ordinances. Residents must clear all fire hydrants on their properties.

Consider helping your elderly neighbors, or those with medical conditions, by shoveling out the hydrant or sidewalk in front of their home. This act of kindness will benefit the entire neighborhood.

Snow Emergency Routes & Procedures

During a declared Snow Emergency, immediately move your vehicle from streets that are designated as a snow emergency route. (See below for a list of the designated emergency snow routes in accordance with the City of Poughkeepsie Code of Ordinances Section 13-124.). You may park your legally registered, inspected and insured vehicle in any City of Poughkeepsie parking lot that is open to the public, free of charge, during a snow emergency.

Vehicles that are parked on a designated snow emergency route during a snow emergency are subject to being ticketed, towed and impounded at the vehicle owner’s expense. If your vehicle is towed, you will need to pay the impound fee prior to your vehicle being released by first calling the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department at 451.4000 for further instructions.

Do not park your vehicle on snow emergency routes until the snow emergency has been cancelled. The media, including the area radio stations will be notified of both the declaration and cancellation of snow emergencies.

The following is a list of “Snow Emergency” routes:

  • Academy Street from Main Street to North-South Arterial Highway
  • Beechwood Avenue from Ferris Lane to City line
  • South Cherry Street from Main Street to Hooker Avenue
  • Civic CenterPlaza from Mansion Street to Main Street
  • North Clinton Street from Mansion Street to Route 44/55, westbound
  • Columbia Street from North-South Arterial Highway to Lincoln Avenue
  • North Clover Street from Mill Street to Main Street
  • South Clover Street from Main Street to Union Street
  • Ferris Lane from Hooker Avenue to Beechwood Avenue
  • Grand Avenue from City line at Main Street to Hooker Avenue
  • North Hamilton Street from Parker Avenue to Main Street
  • South Hamilton Street from Main Street to Livingston Street
  • Hooker Avenue from South Hamilton Street to City line
  • Jefferson Street, Route 44/55 to Lincoln Avenue
  • Lincoln Avenue from Montgomery Street to Livingston Street
  • Main Street from Hudson River to City line at Grand Avenue
  • Mansion Street from Smith Street to North Clinton Street
  • Market Street from Main Street to Montgomery Street
  • Montgomery Street from Lincoln Avenue to South Hamilton Street
  • Parker Avenue from Washington Street to City line
  • Reade Place from South Avenue to Young Street
  • Smith Street from City line to Clinton Square
  • South Avenue from Montgomery Street to North-South Arterial Highway
  • Washington Street from City line to Main Street
  • Wilbur Boulevard from Hooker Avenue to City line

More Information:

Holiday Schedule: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Years Day

In observance of Christmas Day and New Years Day, the following services are closed or suspended:

Christmas Eve – December 24, 2013

  • City Hall: Open
  • Transfer Station: Open
  • Bus Service: Running on Saturday schedule
  • Sanitation: Regular Tuesday Schedule

Christmas Day – December 25, 2013

  • City Hall: Closed
  • Transfer Station: Closed
  • Bus Service: Suspended. Resumes on December 26th.
  • Sanitation: No Garbage or Recycling Pickup

New Years Day – January 1, 2014

  • City Hall: Closed
  • Transfer Station: Closed
  • Bus Service: Suspended. Resumes on January 2, 2014
  • Sanitation: No Garbage or Recycling Pickup

HDLPC Meeting Cancelled

The HDLPC meeting scheduled for this evening, December 18, has been cancelled.