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Poughkeepsie City Center Revitalization Plan Open House

The Land Use Law Center is hosting a public “open house” on April 16th from 6:30-8:30pm at 305 Main Street, “The Canvas,” next door to the Artist’s Palate to discuss the draft Poughkeepsie City Center Revitalization Plan.  A team of facilitators will be on staff to take public comments.  The Poughkeepsie City Center Revitalization Plan (PCCRP) seeks to capitalize on all of Poughkeepsie’s assets while redressing enduring concerns about building vacancy, crime, public safety, open space, and the underutilization of land. The PCCRP generates planning concepts and implementation strategies to help reassert Poughkeepsie as the economic and cultural center of the Hudson Valley. Please help spread the word through your contacts. We look forward to seeing everyone on the 16th.