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Downtown Parking Improvement Plan – Assessment of Existing Conditions & Demand

The Dutchess County Transportation Council (DCTC) has initiated the Downtown Parking Improvement Plan for the City of Poughkeepsie’s extended downtown area. As the City invests in its assets and continues to revitalize the downtown area to support both locals and visitors, it recognizes that continued development must be supported by
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Open House Recap: City Residents Talk Downtown Parking

Staff from the City of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County Transportation Council and the project consulting team hosted an open house to discuss the existing parking conditions downtown and initial strategies to improve parking.  Those who attended learned about the inventory of parking spaces within the study area, as well as the
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Public Meeting: Open House to Discuss Downtown Parking

The City of Poughkeepsie is hosting a public open house to discuss the existing conditions analysis and initial strategies to improve downtown parking. Local residents, business owners and others are invited to stop by and learn more about the Downtown Parking Improvement Plan, review the existing data analysis and some
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The City of Poughkeepsie, in partnership with the Dutchess County Transportation Council, has initiated a parking analysis of Poughkeepsie’s extended downtown area.  This Parking Improvement Plan seeks to ensure that the City’s parking system is being operated and managed in an efficient, sensible manner that is consistent with the City’s redevelopment goals for the downtown. Specifically, the City has expressed concerns about its parking operations during special events and a need to quantify and assess downtown parking supply and demand. The City also wishes to improve parking maintenance and operations, review pricing strategies, and identify opportunities for parking lot redevelopment. The Transportation Council has identified the following goals and objectives for this parking analysis:

  1. Capacity: A quantitative assessment of the supply and demand for downtown public parking, to include a determination on the need for additional parking or whether there is excess parking capacity; if excess supply exists, the feasibility of consolidating parking so that lots might be repurposed for other uses.
  2. Maintenance & Management: Strategies to improve the maintenance and management of City-owned surface parking lots, garages, and on-street parking stalls, to include an evaluation of staffing (i.e. deployment and organization).
  3. Operations: An evaluation of the days and hours of parking enforcement, current parking restrictions, and associated parking signage effectiveness.
  4. Safety & Convenience: Ways to provide safe, convenient daytime parking for office and commercial uses on weekdays, and evening parking for cultural and entertainment venues on weekends.
  5. Pricing: A determination of the need and feasibility for demand-based pricing or changes to current parking rates for garages, surface lots, and on-street parking.
  6. Design: Recommended design improvements to increase the efficiency of City-owned parking facilities, to include improvements to parking-related signs and other wayfinding, circulation, and parking layouts.
  7. Zoning: An evaluation of current parking standards and requirements in the City’s zoning code, to include an assessment of parking impacts resulting from current efforts to rezone the City’s downtown.

This planning project is funded through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as part of the Transportation Council’s metropolitan planning program. Additional project materials and meeting notices will be posted when available.