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Planning Board Meeting – June 19, 2018

The Planning Board will meet on June 19, 2018 at 7:00 PM in the Common Council Chambers, Municipal Building, 62 Civic Center Plaza, Poughkeepsie, NY.

All Planning Board meetings are open to the public.

Parking is available underneath City Hall, accessible via the Mill St. exit on the westbound side of the arterial.



June 19, 2018 - Agenda

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  • 19, 21 & 23 ACADEMY – MIXED USE: Site Plan and Special Permit for the proposed rehabilitation of three existing buildings for residential and commercial use. Applicant: Urban Green Builders (Eric Anderson); Consultant: Matthew Cordone Architect, PLLC (Matthew Cordone and Susan Moesker); Grid # 6162-77-121031, 6162-77-120028 and 6162-77-116026; Zoned C-2; File #2018-015.
    • File #2018-015: 19-23 Academy Street | Download
  • 29 N. HAMILTON STREET – URBAN PARK: Site Plan review for the proposed construction of an urban park at the Family Partnership Center. Applicant: Family Services (Brian Doyle); Consultant: AR Consulting Engineer PC; Hudson Valley Design Lab/MASS Design Group; Grid # 6162-78-238100; Zoned R-4; File#2018-018.
    • File #2018-018: 29 North Hamilton Street | Download


  • 141 NORTH WATER STREET – 15 UNIT RESIDENTIAL BUILDING: Site plan Review for the proposed construction of a 15 unit residential building; Application: Water Street Development (Nicholas J. DeLuccia); Consultant: M. A. Day Engineering PC (Dennis Lynch) and LMV Architects (Michael McCormack); Grid #s: 6062-59-771405 & 783401; Zoned: W; File #2017-023.
    • File #2017-023: 141 North Water Street | Download
  • 36 N CLOVER STREET – 44 RESIDENTIAL UNITS: Site Plan for the proposed construction of 44 residential units in new and existing buildings; Applicant: Pelton Partners, LLC (Steven Tinkleman); Grid # 6062-75-837228; Zoned R-4; File#2017-044.
    • File #2017-044: 36 North Clover Street | Download
  • 187 CHURCH STREET: TRIUMPHANT APOSTOLIC CHURCH: Site Plan and Special Permit for the proposed conversion of a portion of the former office building at 187 Church Street to a place of worship, Triumphant Apostolic Church. Applicant: Robert J. Gray; Consultant: Robert J. Gray; Grid #6162-77-047023: Zoned C-2; File#2018-081.
    • File #2018-081: 187 Church Street | Download
  • 284 SOUTH AVENUE – CENTRAL HUDSON GATEHOUSE: Amended Site Plan review for the development of proposed gatehouse at entrance to facility to replace existing security gate. Applicant: Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp (Rich Nuzzo): Consultant: The Chazen Companies (Kyle Ahearn); Grid #6061-52-887531; Zoned: File #2018-082.
    • File #2018-082: 284 South Avenue | Download


  • 155 ACADEMY STREET – TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH: Sign Permit Application for a freestanding sign for “Tabernacle Baptist Church Tabernacle Christian Academy;” Applicant: Tabernacle Baptist Church; Consultant/Contact: Thomas Walsh, Sign Language; Grid #6161-37-061728; Zoned R-3; File #2018-054.
    • File #2018-054: 155 Academy Street | Download