Video: City Provides Updates of Key Development Projects

City of Poughkeepsie economic and community development officials were the featured presenters at the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s monthly breakfast on Nov. 20. Paul Hesse, community development coordinator for the city, and Paul Calogerakis, economic development director for the city, provided updates on more than a dozen projects and fielded questions from the audience. The event was held at The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel & Conference Center.

Economic Development Projects Update – November 20, 2019

The City has seen a considerable uptick in economic activity in the last few years, including new residential units and businesses. More than 1,200 housing units have been either recently completed or are under construction, one third of them below market rate. And one million square feet of commercial space has been recently completed, is under construction or in the approval process.

To find out more about economic development opportunities in the City of Poughkeepsie, contact Economic Development Director Paul Calogerakis at [email protected], 845-451-4215 or Community Development Coordinator Paul Hesse [email protected] at 845-451-4106

City of Poughkeepsie Adopts Natural Resources Inventory

City of Poughkeepsie officials have approved the use of a Natural Resources Inventory that will provide planners, developers, and residents with easy access to a wealth of information about the city’s environment.

The inventory consists of 27 maps and offers details about the natural and historic resources in Poughkeepsie. The inventory also includes information about the city’s geology and soils, water resources, and biological communities.

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