Poughkeepsie's Assessor is responsible for:

  • Administering the various tax exemptions authorized under state and local law
  • Collecting and maintaining physical inventories for each parcel
  • Collecting new construction and demolition data
  • Determining property use and ownership
  • Establishing and maintaining a fair and equitable assessment roll.
  • Maintaining property record cards
  • Maintaining sales file and sales reporting system
  • Valuing real property


Exemption forms are available in the Assessor's Office or the NYS Property Tax and Assessment Administration website, under forms and publications.

  • Basic STAR - Form Number RP 425 - owner occupied, proof of residency required
  • Enhanced STAR - Form Number RP 425 - owner occupied, 65 years of age, proof of income
  • Senior Citizens - Form Number RP 467 - owner occupied, 65 years of age, proof of limited income
  • Veterans and Cold War - Form Number RP 458A or 458B - owner occupied, veteran or un-remarried spouse, DD214, copy of deed
  • Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income - Form Number RP 459C - owner occupied, must provide award letter or certificate of disability, proof of limited income

Regarding Your Assessment

As a property owner it is your responsibility to monitor your assessments and exemptions. If you feel you are not being fairly assessed, you should meet with the assessor before the tentative assessment roll is established to discuss your concerns.

If after the tentative assessment roll is filed you still feel your assessment is too high you may file a Grievance Complaint on/before grievance day and present your comps to the Board of Review.

The Assessor's Office practices an open door policy for all City of Poughkeepsie property owners.

Property Tax Questions

For additional questions about your property taxes please email John Taylor.

Important Dates to Remember

  • March 1: Deadline for all exemptions and taxable status date
  • May 1: Tentative assessment roll
  • Fourth Tuesday in May: Grievance Day
  • July 1: Final roll and valuation date for the next yearʼs assessment roll