Sanitation & Recycling Rules

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Sanitation Collection Rules

The City has provided this information to all property owners to improve the cleanliness and appearance of the City.

Landlords are urged to furnish information to all new tenants. Property owners are responsible for their properties and the actions of their tenants. The City vigorously enforces all sanitation ordinances and violations.

Violators will be cited in accordance with the ordinances. Fines range from $25 to $2,500. For disposal drop-off fees check the Transfer Station Fee Schedule.

Covered Cans, Plastic Bags

  • Garbage must be placed in plastic bags and the bags must be placed inside metal or plastic, watertight containers with lids.
  • Garbage cans are limited in size to 32 gallons. The can and contents cannot weigh more than 75 pounds.

Setting Out & Returning Containers

  • Cans, bins, or materials are to be placed curbside no earlier than 5 pm on the night before scheduled pickup.
  • After pickup, cans and bins are to be returned to the rear of the residence no later than 6 am the morning after refuse is collected.
  • Property owners who do not abide by these rules are subject to a violation notice and fine.


View the Sanitation Holiday Schedule.

City Waste Receptacles

Waste cans placed on City streets, in a right-of-way or in parks cannot be used for disposal of residential, business, or commercial trash. The intended purpose of these cans is to reduce littering.

Commercial Property

There is no City trash collection for commercial properties. Commercial and business waste must be collected by a private hauler or can be taken to the City Transfer Station and disposed of for a fee. Trash collection services are only for residential properties of three units or less.

Qualified Carters

The Commissioner of Public Works maintains a list of qualified carters licensed by the Dutchess County Department of Solid Waste Management. Carters are considered qualified carters for purposes of compliance with the requirements of Local Law 1 of 2011.