For Renters

Are you currently renting? With some help from us, it's more affordable to own a home than you may think.

Check out our Rent Versus Own Comparison (PDF).


Our goal is to create opportunities for Poughkeepsie residents to stay in the community they call home, and build a stronger future for their families and neighborhoods. As a collaboration of nonprofits, our only interest is you.


If you're a renter we can:

  • Help you purchase a home and build family wealth
  • Advise you about how to budget and save
  • Help you improve your credit score
  • Guide you through the mortgage process
  • Talk to you about grants for down payment assistance
  • Teach you about maintaining a house
  • Help you become a landlord and build your income
  • Help you enjoy a home that you own, and improve your quality of life

Further Information