1. Operations
  2. Maintenance
  3. Laboratory

The Operations Division at the Poughkeepsie’s Water Treatment Facility is responsible for the safe and efficient production of quality potable water 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, 365-days per year.  All Operators are certified by the State of New York.

Operator Duties

  • Some of the specific duties of an Operator are:
  • Proper dosing of chemicals
  • Operation of pumps
  • Monitoring the automated operation of the plant
  • Doing laboratory analysis of water samples on a routine basis

Training & Quality

Our operators receive training in all aspects of treatment and treatment advances.  They are prepared to address any operating difficulty from changing raw water characteristics to mechanical failure.  Quality is first rate. In 2020 filter water quality was always less than 0.1 NTU although standard allows for 0.3 NTU.

Administrator Duties

The Water Plant Administrator is responsible for:

  • Preparing reports
  • Supervising employees
  • Monitoring the day to day operation of the plant to ensure that a high quality water, meeting all standards is produced