Southern Waterfront RFEI (former DeLaval site)

IMG_3162The City of Poughkeepsie has sought expressions of interest for development of a 14 acre site located on the city’s southern waterfront. The DeLaval site takes its name from the former owner and occupant of the site, the DeLaval Separator Company. It is the last parcel with undeveloped acres on the city's waterfront, with spectacular views of the Hudson River and Highland bluffs of Franny Reese Park. The city has completed a number of visioning exercises concerning the site and arrived at the overarching goal of creating an anchor on the southern waterfront — providing public space and water-related uses, driving tourism to bolster the local economy, and complementing existing waterfront assets such as Waryas Park and the Walkway Over the Hudson. Poughkeepsie envisions a unique plan with striking architecture, beautiful landscaping, and amenities that reflect the history, geography and uniqueness of place. The city received two submissions — one from Chai Developers, LLC, Bernard “Berry” Kohn, the other from Southern Waterfront Development, LLC, Joseph Bonura, Jr. —   and has opened up a public comment period about the proposals.

RFEI Applicant Submissions:

RFEI Response Chai Developers (PDF)

RFEI Response Southern Waterfront Development LLC (PDF)

Send comments about these proposals by June 7, 2023 to

RFEI Background Material

Release Date: January 25, 2023