Mansion Street Bridge Over Fall Kill Creek

A map showing the location of the Mansion Street Bridge Project. General:

This is a Locally Administered Federal Aid Project coordinated by the City of Poughkeepsie and reviewed by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). Preliminary design has been performed by Creighton Manning Engineering. The project seeks to address deficiencies with the Mansion Street Bridge over the Fall Kill Creek (BIN2262750). Approximate funding for this project is 80% Federal, and 20% Local.


Constructed circa 1920, the existing bridge is a 30 ft span reinforced concrete closed spandrel deck arch structure. The bridge spans diagonally over the intersection between Mansion Street and Pershing Avenue, allowing the Fall Kill Creek to flow beneath the intersection. The bridge is supported by a concrete footing. Historical aerial photos show that the bridge was built for vehicular traffic on both Mansion St and Pershing Ave, as well as pedestrian-bicycle traffic on sidewalks constructed on the west side of Pershing Ave and the North side of Mansion St. Sidewalks and a parking lot have since been constructed on the opposite side of the intersection between those streets, directly over the bridge. 


Picture of the Mansion Street Bridge Project from underside of bridgeAlthough the bridge is currently open and safe for legal traffic loads, the concrete arch superstructure shows signs of spalling and deterioration in several locations. The bridge substructures have become exposed from stream flow and pose risks for scour and undermining. The existing safety rail systems on top of the bridge have broken off and overgrowth has damaged the adjacent stream channel walls and wingwalls. Additionally, there have been reports of the stream overtopping the roadway and flooding the nearby property during significant rainfall events.

Primary Project Goals:

  • Maintain the structural capacity of the stream crossing at the intersection
  • Provide a structure with a 75-year (minimum) design life
  • Reduce scour vulnerability and reduce the likelihood that the bridge and surrounding land will flood.

Secondary Goals:

  • Minimize Pedestrian Disruptions
  • Increase roadway/roadside safety

Project Schedule:

  • Draft design report submitted to NYSDOT February 2023
  • The draft design report has been reviewed by Region 8 and FHWA. The disposition of comments was transmitted to the region on 10/31/23. 
  • Public Information Meeting & Eminent Domain Procedure Law Hearing - March 28, 2024, 6:30pm, Common Council Chambers  
  • Final Design Report – March 2024
  • Design Approval – April 2024
  • Detailed Design Complete – April 2025
  • ROW Acquisitions Complete – April 2025
  • Advertise for Construction – May 2025
  • Construction Start – July 2025 – this would allow for utility relocation work to start in the summer/fall of 2025, provide lead time for precast concrete fabrication, and tree cuttings in the winter so that the bridge could be replaced in 2026
  • Construction Complete – September 2026