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RFP: Tree Inventory Update and Community Forestry Management Plan


for the preparation of
Tree Inventory Update and Community Forestry Management Plan (CFMP)

Scope of Services for City of Poughkeepsie Tree Inventory and Community Forestry Management Plan

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Tree Inventory Update and Community Forestry Management Plan (.pdf)

ADDENDUM: Addendum 1: Tree Inventory Update and Community Forestry Management Plan (.pdf)


For this project, the City of Poughkeepsie (the city), in coordination with the Shade Tree Commission (STC), seeks proposals from qualified consultants to assist with updating the city’s 2006 Tree Inventory and creation of a Community Forestry Management Plan (CFMP).


The proposed tree inventory and management plan are essential tools to help protect and enhance the city’s urban forest resources. The inventory will provide pertinent empirical data needed by the city’s Urban Tree Division, a subsidiary of the Department of Public Works Maintenance Division, which maintains the urban forest of over 12,000 city trees. The inventory will be conducted city-wide to document the location, species, tree size, condition, primary maintenance requirements, risk rating, and additional variables as deemed necessary by the city and selected consultant(s), of all trees on city-owned property. The inventory will also note available tree planting spaces. A Community Forest Management Plan will then utilize this data to strategize and prioritize tree maintenance, planting, and removal. The development of the management plan will enable the city to engage local residents, educate the public about the city’s urban forest, and foster community ownership over protecting and enhancing the city’s forest assets.

The proposed tree inventory and management plan will be an integral component of Poughkeepsie’s comprehensive tree care program. The results of this project will help Poughkeepsie better understand its urban forest’s composition, structure, and tree maintenance needs; plan for short-term and longterm resource allocation; develop risk management strategies; and enable the city to promote the economic, environmental, and social benefits its trees provide to the community.

The project area will include all street trees (and select park trees as permitted within the budget) in the City of Poughkeepsie, which has a land area of approximately 5.7 square miles. The city is home to just over 30,000 residents, and welcomes many visitors and commuters every day. The City of Poughkeepsie can be broken up into four general districts. To the west is the waterfront district, characterized by open space, some residential development, and historic industrial sites. The downtown district extends laterally from the waterfront to the city’s eastern boundary, contained largely by arterial highways to the north and south, and is characterized by a mix of commercial and residential uses. The southern district is largely residential with three large parks and many street trees. The northern district is a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial uses, and is home to the city’s largest park, College Hill Park. The city’s 2006 Street Tree Inventory recorded 9,460 trees and planting sites. A map of the inventoried trees can be found in Appendix A.

In urbanized areas such as the City of Poughkeepsie, street trees and city parks make up the majority of city’s “green spaces” and are essential to the health and quality of life of city residents. Like many other communities, the City of Poughkeepsie has been fighting against the adverse effects of the Emerald Ash Borer (“EAB”) as well as other tree pests. This challenged has reaffirmed the city’s dedication to protect its natural resources. The city has recently engaged in the creation of a Natural Resource Inventory with the help of the Environmental Cooperative at Vassar Barns, and an EAB Educational Campaign with the assistance of the local Shade Tree Committee. Poughkeepsie was named a 2017 Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of its commitment to effective urban forest management. The proposed tree inventory and management plan will complement these initiatives and further propel Poughkeepsie towards achieving our environmental goals.

The inventory and management plan will directly benefit all residents of Poughkeepsie, local business owners, and visitors. Assessing the health of the community’s trees and working to increase the tree canopy through a comprehensive management plan will improve air quality, reduce noise, filter storm water, reduce the heat index, increase property values, and foster increased visitors and revenues in commercial districts.

The city is seeking a qualified consulting firm that will use ISA-certified arborists to conduct the inventory, which will be compiled in a format compatible with the city’s existing iWorQ System, the software utilized by the city’s community development and public works departments.

The tree inventory will contain, at minimum, the following information:

  • Column heading and description of column content; Street address and xy coordinates; Species and common name; Photo; Tree size; Multi-stem tree; Condition; Maintenance needs; Tree roots lifting sidewalk; Defects; Tree risk assessment and rating; Residual risk; Further inspection needs; Presence of overhead utilities; Field Notes; Date of inventory
  • Potential planting spaces

The Community Forest Management Plan will contain, at minimum, the following components:

  • Executive summary, inventory analysis, benefits of the urban forest, tree management program, planting plan, references, glossary, and Appendices.