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Mayor Rolison Releases 2020 Preliminary Budget


October 15, 2019

Dear Honorable Members of the Common Council, and to our taxpayers and residents, to our local business owners and our non-profits, to our faith-based organizations and to all the stakeholders in the Great City of Poughkeepsie, GREETINGS:

Pursuant to Article XIV of the Administrative Code, I hereby submit the 2020 Preliminary Budget for the Common Council’s deliberation and action. This budget builds on the strong progress we have made together over the last several years. It marks the third consecutive year we will remain under the N.Y.S. tax cap, and it continues our emphasis on fiscal responsibility, public safety, strategic planning and the quality of life issues that have a real impact on our community.

2020 Budget lowers tax rates, stays under the N.Y.S. Tax Cap.

No increase to Water, Sewer or Sanitation Rates.

Budgets always reflect our priorities and provide a roadmap for what the year ahead will look like, but this budget, in particular, also reflects the fruits of our labors. It’s no small feat for a City that just four short years ago faced a deficit in its General Fund of $13.2 Million, was seeking emergency aid from the State’s Financial Restructuring Board, and was behind with payments it owed to both the School District and the County, to come in under the N.Y.S. tax cap for a third consecutive year. As we have all worked together these last few years, it’s an accomplishment we can all be proud of. In fact, not only are we under the cap again this year, but we have now seen three consecutive years of surpluses in our general fund, and the fund balance deficit that stood at $13.2 Million when I became your Mayor, is now less than $8 Million.

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Cancelled: Budget Review Session of Nov. 16, 2018

The Budget Review Session scheduled for November 16, 2018, has been cancelled.

Budget Review Sessions – Friday, November 16th & Monday, November 19th

Please take notice that a Budget review session will be held on Friday, November 16, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. and on Monday, November 19, 2018 at 5:00 p.m., in the Common Council Chambers at City Hall (3rd Floor, 62 Civic Center Plaza).  Parking is available in the City Hall garage, accessible from Mill St.  The sessions are open to the public.

City Projects 2016 Surplus

Mayor Rob Rolison said today that the City of Poughkeepsie will end 2016 with a projected surplus in its General Fund of $544,000. “This positive news shows the impact that cost-containment and careful monitoring of expenses throughout the year has, and why we should not transfer savings from any particular expense line to some other expense category mid-year. It’s the fiscally responsible decisions we make during the year that lead to good news at the end of the year.”

City Commissioner of Finance Marc Nelson said “We realize there is a lot of work still ahead of us, but this is an encouraging result for a year which could have gone either way until the very end. City Departments did an extraordinary job of managing to their budgets and adapting throughout the year”.

The favorable 2016 result will effectively reduce the City’s cumulative general fund deficit from $13 Million to $12.5 Million. Additional cost reduction and restructuring initiatives, including the upcoming consolidation of the City’s bus system with the County transit system, are projected to save taxpayers up to another $500,000 annually.

“Fiscal stabilization is a gradual process, but it’s the key to much of what is so important to us all, from public safety to clean streets and thriving businesses. When we manage our City finances well, we are rebuilding our ability to address the daily concerns of our citizens, and we are building a more strategic and responsive city government.”