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City CharterCode of Ordinances

Section 19-4.5 – Historic District & Landmark Preservation Commission

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s and Useful Information for Landmark Property Owners.pdf

Updated July 2020

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions and general information for landmark property owners can be found in the document above.

Complete List of Locally Designated Landmarks and Districts

Locally Designated Landmarks as of July 23, 2020.pdf
Updated July 23, 2020

Additional Informative Articles:

Adding A Deck.pdf
Are you interested in adding a deck to your landmark property? Perhaps you’re curious about improving an existing exterior structure with new balusters, handrails or columns. This article shares suggestions for some appropriate solutions.

Exterior Color Choice.pdf
Selecting an exterior paint color or color-scheme might seem like a daunting task without guidance. This article does a nice job describing contemporary options and presents suggestions based on historically and stylistically-appropriate precedent. Also included is a description of a minimally invasive technique for removing existing exterior paint.

Faux Slate Roofing.pdf
A description of contemporary slate roofing alternatives and a list of manufacturers who produce them.

Ordinary Maintenance.pdf
Tackle that project before it gets worse! A primer on some of the most common exterior repair and maintenance tasks that historic property owners face and how to address them efficiently.

Porch Restoration.pdf
Everything you need to know about the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of historic porches.

Repair of Wood Windows.pdf
A thorough description of why repairing your historic wood windows, rather than replacing them,  is the smarter choice for landmark property owners.

Are you considering the repair or replacement of your property’s shutters? This article is a great place to start to better understand the form, function, repair and replacement of historic shutters.

Solar Panel Installation.pdf
Interest in the addition of solar panels is on the rise. But what to do when you’re planning an install on a landmark property? No problem – just take heed of these simple appropriate guidelines.

Storm Windows.pdf
The addition of storm windows is a cost-effective way to increase your property’s energy savings and overall comfort through all seasons while maintaining its historic integrity. This article describes the many installation options available for the wide range of window styles we often find in landmark properties.