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Poughkeepsie Affordable Housing Coalition

The Poughkeepsie Affordable Housing Coalition is a team of experienced local nonprofit organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Hudson River Housing, and Rebuilding Together, all dedicated to creating and preserving affordable housing.

We provide a variety of ways to help renters buy a quality home they can afford, and to help homeowners keep up on repairs so they can afford to keep living in their homes. We work together with residents like you to build thriving neighborhoods and communities.

Together we also advocate for local policies that will keep quality housing options affordable in our community, and prevent displacement of residents. You can join us in this work by participating in the Poughkeepsie Inclusive Communities Working Group. The Inclusive Communities Working Group strives toward a more equitable community with a focus on building wealth, preventing displacement, and fostering broad-based community ownership of land, housing, and resources.