LED Lighting Program

In late 2013, the City of Poughkeepsie began looking at LED Street Lights as a cost savings measure that could help increases safety while also being good stewards to the environment. This sustainable effort started with a feasibility study and moved to the project status after a lengthy review process.

The files and links below show the history and progression of the project. This page will be continually updated with the latest project information as it becomes available.

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Project Updates

LED Lighting Phase 1: 4000K & 3000K Final Locations (October 20, 2015)
Presentation on Phase 2 (November 17, 2015)
OSC Report: Street Lighting Cost Containment (November 17, 2015)
LED Project – Phase 1 and 2 Locations (December 28, 2015)


Approved Street Light Project Economics
LED Project: Common Council Presentation – May 5, 2014
NYS Comptroller Report: Street Lighting Cost Containment

Project Elements

Project Phasing & Decorative Light Comparison
City Post Specifications
NYS Energy Law – Article 9: Energy Performance Contracts in Connection with Public Buildings & Facilities
LED Lighting: Startup of Phase 1 Map
NYSERDA FlexTech Study

Common Council Minutes

Common Council Minutes – March 3, 2014
Common Council Minutes – May 5, 2014
Common Council Minutes – August 18, 2014
Common Council Minutes – December 23, 2014

Common Council Resolutions

Resolution R-14-56: LED Lighting
Resolution R-14-77: LED Lighting