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LWRP Common Council Presentation – May 6, 2019

On Monday May 6th, the Common Council voted to declare its intent to be Lead Agency for the environmental review of the update to the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP).  At the meeting, Simon Kates from BFJ Planning, consultants to the city, briefed the Council on project progress.

In the presentation, the project timeline was discussed, including next steps on the State Environmental Quality Review process.  A preliminary draft will be circulated to involved and interested agencies, and comments will be collected from those entities as well as the Common Council and public throughout the summer.  A public hearing is expected to be held in the fall.  Other items discussed in the presentation were the format of the document, the proposed LWRP boundary, and particular attention was paid to projects included in the document.

The presentation can be downloaded here.  Other information about the project can be found here.