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“100 Cups of Coffee” Community Gathering – January 9, 2018

Building a kinder, safer, more connected Poughkeepsie

The primary goal of 100 Cups of Coffee, the Poughkeepsie Transformative Dialogue Project is to help improve community relations in Poughkeepsie by providing spaces for people to come together to talk about the things that are of concern to them in their neighborhoods.  This includes ordinary citizens, community leaders from civic organizations, faith organizations, police, and local leaders.  Supporting these conversations will help change the nature of conflict interaction in Poughkeepsie, affecting how individuals understand and react to the situations they find themselves in and allowing groups to deal with their differences in non-violent ways.  The secondary goal of the project is to document the changes in the community and the effectiveness of the dialogue process, allowing Poughkeepsie to serve as a model for other communities interested in becoming kinder, safer and more connected.

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