Mayor » Press Release » City Receives $2.4 Million for Pedestrian Safety

City Receives $2.4 Million for Pedestrian Safety

City Receives $2.4 Million for Pedestrian Safety

Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison announced today that New York State has awarded the city $2,430,000 as part of the state’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP) grant program.  The statewide initiative calls for a systemic approach to address pedestrian safety issues and provides funding to local governments to implement low-cost, high-impact improvements at known hazardous locations.  Poughkeepsie is one of 20 localities in the state, outside of New York City, that has been designated a “focus community,” indicating a high number of pedestrian-involved crashes.

The city will use the PSAP funding along corridors, intersections and uncontrolled crosswalks where the highest pedestrian traffic exists and where past accidents have occurred, including sites along Main, Mansion, Market, Academy/Catharine, Hamilton and Clinton Streets.  Interventions will include upgrading high-visibility crosswalks and signage, installing countdown pedestrian timers, and in some locations introducing curbed pedestrian refuges at crosswalks.

Mayor Rolison said, “Poughkeepsie is a walking city.  On any given day, thousands of people are walking around this city, whether it’s to go to school or work, or whether it’s to shop or get a bite to eat.  Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our citizens.  It’s time we show that pedestrians are a priority and that Poughkeepsie’s streets are more than just a place for cars.  This funding from the state will help us do just that, and I would like to thank our partners at the state for continuing to invest in the City of Poughkeepsie.”

Police Chief Tom Pape said, “The men and women who serve as first responders know firsthand the potentially dangerous conditions that pedestrians face daily in some areas of the city.  Poughkeepsie has a high number of pedestrian-related crashes, but even one crash is too many. Providing a safe environment for walking, while educating drivers to be extra cautious on Poughkeepsie’s busy streets, will help reduce conflicts between motorists and pedestrians.”

Commissioner of Public Works Chris Gent said, “DPW staff work hard to keep pavement markings and crosswalk signals visible and in good working condition.  But with more than 70 miles of road and hundreds of intersections, that kind of maintenance is costly.  This state funding will allow us to target the highest need areas of the city and help improve the quality of life for residents.”

Interim Economic Development Director Paul Calogerakis said, “Part of Poughkeepsie’s economic revival will undoubtedly revolve around embracing the concept of a walkable city.  Successful cities that invest in high-quality public spaces increase their economic competitiveness and attract further private sector investment.  Poughkeepsie has all the attributes that make a high-quality place, including a dense urban landscape with a variety of experiences for a diversity of users.  Anything we can do to make its streets safer for non-motorists will pay dividends in the long run by making it easier for people to enjoy everything that is great about Poughkeepsie.”

Senior City Planner Natalie Quinn said, “Poughkeepsie has a high percentage of residents who either by choice or by economic circumstance do not own a car and are therefore dependent on transportation alternatives to get to their destination, which at one end or the other usually includes crossing a street.  Poughkeepsie is joining many other cities across the country by beginning to look at its streets through a complete-streets lens.  That means giving equal consideration to all users of the street, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and persons with limited mobility.  By enabling these improvements, the PSAP funding will go a long way toward ensuring equity among the users of our streets.”