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Mayor Rob Rolison Applauds Students, District as School Year Begins

As co-chair of the Poughkeepsie Children’s Cabinet, I want to wish all the students the best and also to offer my support for Superintendent Dr. Eric Rosser as he and his team move forward with their reopening plan for the start of the 2020-21 academic year.

In a time of COVID-19, the school district has faced considerable challenges. But, with the help of the community, the district was able to get a distance-learning model into place at the end of the last school year as COVID-19 struck this area and began to spread.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has offered guidelines for how schools can open, and Dr. Rosser has carefully weighed his options and has decided to continue under the “remote-learning” model when school resumes on Sept. 10.

Dr. Rosser has always put the best interest of the community in mind, including students, teachers, staff and families. 

Last year, Dr. Rosser and I announced we would create a Children’s Cabinet designed to shepherd a shared vision and cradle-to-career path for child development in the city. This year, we have named members of the Cabinet’s Executive Committee and have started to meet to improve communication among many important stakeholders and the community at large.

I am grateful to be partnering with him on this endeavor. We all look forward to do the day when in-person instructions can begin for students and when more in-person meetings can occur for the Cabinet. Like so many others in the community, we are persevering through the COVID-19 crisis and anticipate better days. Please join me in lending your support for the school district as it works through the challenges of distance learning and devises innovative ways to ensure students are getting the education they deserve.

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