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Downtown Parking Improvement Plan – Assessment of Existing Conditions & Demand

The Dutchess County Transportation Council (DCTC) has initiated the Downtown Parking Improvement Plan for the City of Poughkeepsie’s extended downtown area. As the City invests in its assets and continues to revitalize the downtown area to support both locals and visitors, it recognizes that continued development must be supported by smart parking policies in order to be functional and sustainable. An effective parking management plan that helps to strategically maximize existing parking assets, without compromising the character of the downtown, will help to support the downtown’s long-term success.

As the City attempts to revitalize its downtown, parking needs and perceptions are constantly shifting, placing different demands on different parking resources. The City is proactively undertaking this study to analyze these needs and perceptions to ensure that parking is not a barrier to attracting new businesses, institutions, and residents, but instead an asset. This planning effort will evaluate the current balance of parking supply and demand to help the City more effectively manage its existing parking assets in such a way that supports broader needs. A strategic downtown parking management program will allow Poughkeepsie to maximize the potential of its downtown for civic, residential, commercial, and tourism growth.

Assessment of Existing Conditions & Demand

The Assessment of Existing Conditions and Demand report examines the inventory and utilization of on-street and off-street, public and private parking within the study area; attitudes and public opinion about parking in Poughkeepsie; and looks at some initial recommendations.

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