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Open House Recap: Residents Discuss Parking Improvement Strategies

Public Open House – April 10, 2018

On Tuesday April 10th, consultants from Nelson Nygaard and Behan Planning, along with city and county staff, held an open house at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center to discuss the latest developments with the Downtown Parking Improvement Plan.  More than 30 people stopped by to learn about progress on the project, ask questions from the experts, and offer feedback and comments.  Attendees could review some of the draft recommendations for management and operational improvements, including emphasizing pricing as the primary parking management tool, redefining parking requirements in the zoning code, establishing customer friendly enforcement policies, and improving critical parking infrastructure.  Those that attended could “vote with their wallets” on suggested parking improvements, having $2,500 to “spend” as a method of prioritizing.

Open House Materials

You can view the materials presented at the open house here : Open House Boards (.pdf)

Next Steps

The next steps on the project include compiling material from the Existing Conditions report, the Strategic Operational and Development report, and public feedback into a final Poughkeepsie Downtown Parking Improvement Plan.  The final plan will include an Action Plan which will help the city prioritize actions over the short, medium and long term based on cost and feasibility.