A division of the Department of Finance, Personnel services active and retired employees and job seekers.
Responsibilities include:

Payroll Workers compensation
Civil service Retirement
Recruitment Maintaining personnel records
Labor relations Conducting employee orientation and training
Contract enforcement Health insurance and employee benefits
Diversity management

Notice for Job Seekers

Of particular note to a job seeker is that public employees (government employees) are hired under a merit system known as civil service. Civil service specifies the procedures for selecting employees based upon their qualifications and competence. Jobs typically are filled using lists of eligible candidates who have passed a civil service exam for a specific job title.

The Dutchess County Department of Human Resources conducts Civil Service exams for the City. The Dutchess County Department of Human Resources web page provides access to exam announcements and information that you will need to know prior to taking a civil service exam.

Certain positions in the Department of Public Works, Parks & Recreation, and the Water Plant do not require a test. These positions have minimum qualifications that an applicant must meet to be eligible for employment.