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City Police Give Detailed Updates to Common Council

On Monday, April 29, City of Poughkeepsie police officials gave detailed insights into their work, including new initiatives involving community policing and having a school resource officer in the city school district.

Department officials made this presentation before the Common Council.

They also unveiled new feedback forms that can be used by the public for complaints and commendations of the actions by officers. Those forms are available at http://cityofpoughkeepsie.com/police-department.

Department officials also gave the Common Council updates on the implementation of body cameras for officers and training in procedural justice and understanding implicit bias.

Recently, the state Division of Criminal Justice Services released statistics showing a decrease in crime in the city. Specifically, violent crimes have dropped from 417 in 2009 to 216 in 2018, a 48.2 percent decrease. And robberies, burglaries and property crimes also have fallen by 50 percent or more during the same timeframe.