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The administrative section of the Police Department is comprised of animal control, public safety dispatchers and records personnel.  The responsibilities for each section are outlined below. Sgt. Joseph Herring is the Administrative Sergeant and can be reached at (845) 451-4198 or at [email protected].

Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing state and local laws regulating animal ownership as well as responding to incidents involving animals. Please call (845) 451-4139 for information related to animal control.

Public Safety Dispatchers

Public safety dispatchers are responsible for receiving emergency and non-emergency phone calls from individuals requesting assistance from emergency medical personnel, firefighters and police.  Public safety dispatchers direct resources to locations of need and monitor situations for changes and additional requests for resources.  The City of Poughkeepsie 911 system is staffed by public safety dispatchers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


The records department is responsible for the collection, categorizing and storing of all police related reports including motor vehicle accidents.  Copies of police reports may be obtained at the police department records window on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm.  To expedite you receiving a copy of a police report, we encourage that you make prior contact with records personnel.

Click on one of the links below to obtain a copy of an accident report.

Please call (845) 451-4154 or (845) 451-4155 for information regarding police reports.

Business Contact Registration

Businesses located within the City of Poughkeepsie can register their emergency contact information with the Police & Fire Departments by completing the online report below.

Business Contact Registration Form»

Training & Development

The training & development section is responsible for the scheduling, administration and documenting of all training within the police department.  The training of department personnel is ongoing and strives to meet state and federal requirements as changes occur.  Necessary training occurs as new equipment is purchased and deployed by police department personnel.

Training & Development is also responsible for the implementation of the department policy and procedures.

Please call Lieutenant John Zeltmann at (845) 451-4152 or [email protected] for questions regarding training & development.