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Special Operations

Emergency Services Unit

The Emergency Services Unit is comprised of specially trained Patrol Officers and Detectives.  Members assigned to the unit are responsible for and respond to high risk tactical situations, barricaded suspects, hostage situations and high risk warrants to name a few.  The Emergency Services Unit is assigned and utilizes specialized equipment related to and relative to their duties. Members undergo continual training in various topics and disciplines related to their assignment.

Police K-9

The City of Poughkeepsie Police Department K-9 unit is comprised of three officers and three dogs.  There are currently 2 German shepherds and one “pit bull.”  Police Department K-9s and their handlers are trained in tracking suspects and lost people, narcotics detection, explosive detection as well as patrol, to include crowd control.  K-9 handlers and their dogs are currently assigned to three separate work schedules for patrol coverage.

Neighborhood Recovery Unit

The Neighborhood Recovery Unit is comprised of Patrol Officers and a Sergeant.  Their responsibilities include narcotic investigations, surveillance and as a supplement to the Patrol Division.

Please call (451) 451-4060 if you believe drugs are being dealt in your area, there is ongoing suspicious activity or for any other drug related information.

Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is comprised of civilians, Police Officers and a Sergeant.  Members assigned to Traffic Safety are responsible for enforcing parking violations, speed enforcement, event planning and impounds.

Please call (845)451-4131 for information regarding traffic or you may contact Sgt. William Badner at [email protected].

Please call (845)451-4171 for information regarding impounded vehicles or you may contact Frank Michetti at [email protected].