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Public Works

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City Urges Residents to Avoid Flushing Inappropriate Items

City of Poughkeepsie officials are asking residents to avoid flushing sanitary wipes even if the package states they are flushable. Other alternatives to toilet paper, such as paper towels and facial tissues, also should not be flushed in local sewer lines as people increase the use of certain products during
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City of Poughkeepsie Officials Remind Residents to Clear Areas Near Fire Hydrants

As City of Poughkeepsie officials address the aftermath of this year’s first major snowstorm, they are reminding residents that fire hydrants must remain clear and accessible in case of emergency. They also are reminding residents to ensure garbage cans are not left on the roads after pickup, as that is
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Curbside Leaf Collection Begins November 4, 2019

The Department of Public Works will begin curbside leaf pickup on November 4, 2019, and will continue until December 15, 2019.   After December 15, 2019, all leaves must be bagged. The Vacuum truck will be on a constant rotation of the city streets during this time.  Please adhere to all
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The Public Works Department oversees multiple divisions including:

Administration and Permits Division

The Administration Division provides a Work Center for basic customer complaint service and administers four (4) important permitting programs for Excavating in the Public Right-of-Way, Underground City Utilities Mark-outs, Temporary Dumpster Placements, and Temporary Sidewalk or Street Closures.

Work Center

The Work Center handles most incoming calls, logging almost 2,000 service requests from the public each year.  These requests for service are directed to any one of the Public Works Divisions or Subdivisions:  Water, Sewer, Storm, City Electric, Buildings and Grounds, Urban Trees, Street Maintenance, Sign Shop, Sanitation, and Enforcement. The Work Center also coordinates emergency requests for city underground utilities mark-outs during regular working hours.

Administration and Permits

Excavation Permit:
Provides permission to excavate in the public right-of way; commonly called a street opening. Doing work on city property requires proof of liability and workers compensation insurance.  The fee for a street opening depends on the age of the pavement and requires a security deposit. (Note: this also requires a permit from the Dept of Building, Planning & Zoning.)

Utility Mark-outs:
Notifications of upcoming excavations in the city are transmitted to the Department of Public Works via the Underground Facilities Protection Organization (UFPO).  The department requires the UFPO No. on the Excavation Permit Application.

Dumpster Permit:
Provides permission for a homeowner or resident to temporarily place a dumpster on a city street or sidewalk.  The application and permit fee is $50.

Sidewalk or Street Closure Permit:
Provides permission for a homeowner or resident to temporarily block a city street or sidewalk.  The application and permit fee is $100.