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Invitation for Public Comment: Poughkeepsie Innovation District and Zoning Update

Today, the City of Poughkeepsie released the Draft Poughkeepsie Innovation District Policy Framework and accompanying zoning code regulations.  The Poughkeepsie Innovation District (PID) is a proposal to transform the core commercial section of the city’s downtown into a vibrant economic center anchored by increased residential population and a creative economy.   Moving towards the culmination of a multiyear endeavor, the City has been ably assisted by the Pace Land Use Law Center and Kevin Dwarka Land Use and Economic Consulting, as well as Dutchess County and numerous other stakeholders.

Focused on “placemaking,” the elimination of vacant property, as well as inclusion and diversity, the PID policy framework and zoning code update represent a major step forward towards restoring Poughkeepsie’s downtown as the region’s preeminent commercial district.

Mayor Rolison said, “Downtown Poughkeepsie is the type of compact and walkable downtown that is increasingly desired by residents and businesses alike.  With renewed and growing interest in Poughkeepsie’s downtown, this new policy and zoning will accelerate the new activity and interest we are already seeing.  Poughkeepsie is truly a city “on the go.”

Senior City Planner Natalie Quinn said, “The proposed zoning adds flexibility in terms of uses that are allowed on a property and focuses on how building form can positively impact the pedestrian environment. This flexibility, along with a streamlined land use approval process, will make it easier for property owners to activate their buildings and fill vacant storefronts, ensuring a high concentration of commercial and cultural activity in a quality urban setting.”

Interim Economic Development Director Paul Calogerakis said, “The proposed zoning changes are integral to Poughkeepsie’s innovation economy, which will thrive in a mixed-use environment where people have the opportunity to spontaneously meet in collaborative workspaces, cafes, living rooms, and on the sidewalk. A palpable momentum is building in the City and the Poughkeepsie Innovation District is a signal to the development community that Poughkeepsie offers exciting investment opportunities.”

Project Documents

All documents related to the project are available for download on the project website:

Public Comment

A three week public comment period is now open, and members of the public are encouraged to submit questions and comments regarding the Draft Poughkeepsie Innovation District Policy Framework to [email protected].

A formal presentation to the Common Council is scheduled for Thursday September 6th, and a public hearing will also be held at the close of the public comment period.