Poughkeepsie Tree Inventory and Management Plan

In November 2018 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) awarded the City of Poughkeepsie $50,000 through the Urban and Community Forestry Project for a comprehensive street tree inventory and management plan. Following a request for proposals, the City contracted ArborPro Urban Tree Management to conduct the inventory and assist the City in creating a detailed management plan. ArborPro will work closely with the city’s Planning Department, Department of Public Works, and Shade Tree Commission to complete the project by Fall 2019.

Trees along South Avenue and Little Market Street

The proposed tree inventory and management plan will be an integral component of Poughkeepsie’s comprehensive tree care program. The results of this project will help Poughkeepsie better understand its urban forest’s composition, structure, and tree maintenance needs; plan for short-term and long-term resource allocation; develop risk management strategies; and enable the city to promote the economic, environmental, and social benefits its trees provide to the community.

Why Create a Tree Inventory and Management Plan?

The proposed tree inventory and management plan are essential tools to help protect and enhance the city’s urban forest resources. The environmental, economic and social benefits of street trees in both residential and commercial districts are well documented. Street trees improve the livability of towns and cities in a number of ways including reducing stormwater runoff, increasing air quality, storing carbon, providing shade and reducing urban heat-island effects. Street trees have also been shown to increase property values, lower average electricity bills of surrounding households, and make a community more walkable and bikeable through the beautification of streets and lowering average driving speeds, making roadways safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike.

What is Included in a Tree Inventory and Management Plan?

The GIS-based inventory will provide pertinent empirical data needed by the City’s Urban Tree Division, a subsidiary of the Department of Public Works Maintenance Division, which maintains the urban forest of over 12,000 city trees. The inventory will be conducted city-wide to document the location, species, tree size, condition, primary maintenance, requirements, and risk rating of all trees on city-owned property. The inventory will also note available tree planting spaces. A Community Forest Management Plan will then utilize this data to strategize and prioritize tree maintenance, planting, and removal. The development of the management plan will also enable the City to engage local residents, educate the public about the City’s urban forest, and foster community ownership over protecting and enhancing the City’s forest assets